Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Day of One's Own

My friend Steve, co-publisher of The Raven, is the one who started naming days in people's honor. My brother Steve had done a signal service to The Raven, and as thanks, Steve the publisher named March 16 as Steve McDonnell Day in Palmville Township. It is quite a day here in the township. The bank and the school are closed. There is a parade, poster waving, and beer drinking and much goodwill is expended, and we trust Steve my brother enjoys the day as much as we do. There is a standing invitation to Steve to be here all expenses paid (excluding transportation to and fro) to enjoy his special day with all of us.
Well a few years later, Steve from The Raven did my father a signal service and to say thanks, March 18th was designated Steve Reynolds Day in Hull, Massachusetts. Of course there is a parade, efforts are made to string banners across Nantasket Ave., and beer is consumed in Steve's honor.
All this naming of days made me realize that each of us is born with 365.25 days to give away to whoever we like. Say it's your mother's birthday and you can't afford a gift. Wouldn't mom be thrilled to have a day named in her honor, even if it's in Palmville Township, pop. 46.
I'm thinking of having a boxed set of 365 "A Day Has Been Named in Your Honor" cards made up to make the process as simple as pie.