Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hairy Situation

I like to take my daily shower in the little bathroom upstairs. There's not much traffic up there; it's a world unto itself. I used to find it a relaxing place until I started to notice a strip of hair along the baseboard between the sink and the door. Where the heck was this coming come from? We have no animals and only the occasional guest. It made me nervous. I once read that all the dust in the world is left over from the Big Bang. I found this fact comforting and decided it was futile to fight against something so stupendous and something that happened way before my time. Just enjoy life as best you can I told myself. Don't make yourself crazy. So could I blame this hair in the bathroom on the Big Bang as well? One afternoon as I pondered this while toweling myself down I noticed one of my own hairs drift to the floor. Hmmmm. Could it be? Me? Just in case, I now rake up the hair when it reaches a depth of one inch and deposit in the trash can that has always been there. This hair is transported to a landfill in the next county not to be seen again in this lifetime.

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