Friday, December 11, 2009

Today's the Day

Our country is in competent hands. That doesn't mean everyone's happy about that. There was a vote today to provide consumer protection regarding investments. The conservaives were against it. I try to see their point of view. They're afraid the rules will hobble entereprise. They needn't fear. The Enterprisers will find ways around the rule, through loopholes we did not foresee. The Conservatives want to preserve their ability to make money. The Libs want to spread it around: a little bit of a lot is still a lot for each. The Conservatives want to have it all. They say they earned it so keep off. Can't blame 'em for thinking that way. But the better brighter way is to share, imho. My question is: are the Cs the creators of all wealth? That is a good question. They take risks so should they not have the rewards when thinhgs go well? Many Conservatives are in the poor house. Where does the wealth of this country come from? China? Oh, our very good friends in China. Let us work together. You make, we buy.
And yet we're still the #1 manufacturing country in the world. What do we make? Not sieves or anything else in the store. I think Obama needs to expalin that more.

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Tobias Emmerdahl said...

I could not agree with you more!