Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Delta, I Cave

I was in a snit about the high cost of flying to Boston on an upcoming trip and threatened to drive there. At first Teresa was agreeable to saving hundreds of dollars, but as she weighed those dollars against the cons of driving she asked if we didn't have enough miles for a free ticket. We have a Visa FlexPerks card which we were given after the Delta-Northwest merger. Delta went with American Express and Visa tried to hold on to it's Northwest carholders by pronising free tickets on any airline. I had little faith in this promise but checked our account and was surprised to find we had enough miles for two tickets. The Visa site took us to Travocity and a few minutes later we were booked through to Boston and back. So I say to Delta, Visa, Pope Benedict, and anyone else I may have offended, I apologize.


Joe said...

Caved? Big time; but it's a big System and what can one person do, really?

Nice rationalization though...

Chairman Joe said...

One can only try to do better tomarrow.
Thanks for your response