Friday, January 6, 2012

Ghost Writers in the Sky

Every so often I receive a forwarded e-mail supposedly written by some pundit such as Andy Rooney or Paul Harvey in which he tells us what’s wrong with America. We’ve strayed from our roots it will say, and the blame lies with the welfare state and all the aliens taking over the place. It sounds somewhat like Andy Rooney but a very jerky Andy Rooney.
Checking with I discover these things have been circulating for years on the Internet and are written by say a small town editor in upstate New York or an evangelical pastor in the Ozarks. The authors wisely realize they can get more traction by putting the name of a celebrity at the top of their screed.
This seems dishonest, but it’s been going on forever. You may have written the greatest psalms of all time, but you’re more likely to get them into the Bible if you claim King David wrote them. The Song of Solomon has a nicer ring to it than the Song of Moshe the Benjaminite.

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