Monday, February 20, 2017

More Bang for Your Box

  There was a news story during the holidays about thieves driving around the suburbs stealing packages from porches. Some people put cameras on their porches but it was tough to ID the crooks. Some people put fake packages on their porches with wiz-bang bombs inside. The camera caught the thief running back to his or her car with pants soiled, but otherwise unhurt.
  I think this is a bad idea. One of these people will have a heart attack and die. Well deserved you may say, but consider the heirs. Their lawyer will get his or her hands on the video and soon the thief's ne'er-do-well family will be living in the victim's house.
  I don't know what the solution is.  Living in the country, I don't have to worry about packages being stolen off our porch. In fact, the UPS guy usually puts the package inside the door which we leave unlocked. My city friends say I should not announce on my blog that my door is unlocked or even say that I'm on vacation. Well what good is a vacation if you can't boast to your friends about it on Facebook. I know my friends would not rob me, but there's the problem of Facebook creepers. These people roam from page to page for hours at a time (I did it for 20 minutes once. Fascinating). They can't read my posts, but they can see from my pics that I'm in some locale less exotic than Wannaska.
  But I don't worry about creepers either, because we live across the road from the Roseau County Rottweiler Academy.  The dogs sometimes chew through their fence and end up at our place. The dogs love us because we give them smoked squirrel parts. Anyone they find here who is not us, they search for squirrel parts until they find them.


Joe said...

Made for thieves:

Chairman Joe said...

Make enemies of all your friends