Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Man's Junk

Don't go to the salvage yards to find unique or interesting items for your home. The dealer in antiques has been there long before you to stock his shop and left behind endless rows of windows, toilets and other things only an expert could identify. Just as likely, the owner of the antique shop is friends with the salvage man and has been through the building before demolition and removed anything he thinks will bring a good price. It is very hard to find a bargain in an antique shop.
To find a bargain, visit an auction. You may be bidding against the antique dealers, but you know at least that he won't overbid. And maybe he's sick that day or at a wedding, then you've got a good chance, though you've had to forfiet the day yourself. On the third hand you'll get your dosage of vitamin D for the day and catch up with neighbors you only see at auctions.

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