Friday, December 3, 2010

Ugly Betty

The place where I work raises money for breast cancer research by letting us wear jeans on Fridays. We pay a couple of bucks in exchange for a little pink ribbon we wear to work that day with our denim. I got an idea for a fundraiser this morning when my wife was complaining she had to get out of bed to put on her make-up. She spends quarter hour after quarter hour doing God knows what to her face while I'm off drinking coffee and watching the news. I think she looks fine without makeup but she doesn't agree. My new idea is that people would pay to not wear makeup one day a week. I would call it "Ugly Betty." "Oh, people will really go for that," my wife said a little sarcastically I thought." "OK, how about 'Make-up Free Monday,' and the money would go to our Foundation at work." "That's better," she said.
A person would wear a little paper compact with a red line through it to show he or she had paid two bucks and their co-workers would not be permitted to say catty things about them.

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