Saturday, December 25, 2010

Screw You Delta

Screw Delta! I don't say that in a mean way. I'm just trying to fire myself up to drive 1700 miles to Boston. I would much prefer to fly. I used to have Northwest Airlines Visa card. For 10,000 frequent flyer miles plus $200.00 I could drive sixty miles to Thief River Falls and be in Boston that same afternoon. But Delta took over Northwest and installed their expensive American Express card that is rejected by numerous merchants. They also scuttled the nice Cash and Miles deal. Now we end up driving 350 miles to Minneapolis and pay $14 a day to park.
We want to go to Boston the end of January. A non-stop flight from MSP costs $344. There's two of us going:$688. Parking: $126. Gas to the Twin Cities: $52.50, for a total of $866.50.
That figure makes me recall the times I used to shuttle cars to Boston when my sons were working summers there. We would leave home around nine a.m. with a cooler full of Coke and a bag of beef jerky. I liked going through Duluth to pick up I-94 at Eau Claire. From then on it was tolls and cruise. We would hit Chicago around 8 p.m. and once through that maze would make our only extended stop for a burger. Otherwise we took turns sleeping and driving through the dark night of Indiana and Ohio, and by Buffalo the sun was coming up and I knew we were going to make it. I got good at driving the Chicago to Buffalo stint myself and let my co-pilot sleep. When I got gas I'd get a big coffee to sip with M&Ms. When this was gone I'd pour myself a cold Coke and chaw on jerky. If I got a little dull I'd stop for more coffee and a stretch. When we crossed the Massachsetts line around noon I'd call my mother and with the help of the Lord we'd pull up to her house by the bay around two or three p.m. feeling just fine. It was early to bed and the next morning we'd be ready take in the opera or the ballet or whatever.
So now I'm weighing the pros and cons of driving: gas, tolls and snacks would cost less than a single plane ticket, but we'd have two fewer days at our destination plus all those extra miles on the car, and there's the possibility of bad weather.... If only Delta would come through with a deal. C'mon Delta. I love you Delta.


Sue Carstens said...

Here are 2 other options for you Joe: 1. Get a motel room in the cities that offers free parking and a free shuttle to the airport. For the price of parking at the airport you can stay for 1 night at a hotel. Then just get in the car and drive the 350 miles home after you fly in from Boston. At least you are not paying the airport to keep your car there!
2. You can drive 270 miles (one way) to Duluth, stay with a friend for free (if you have one there.. I have my folks), take the shuttle right to the airport for $69 round trip! Of course, you would want to take your friends out for dinner for putting you up for the night and letting you keep your car at their place, so add on another $75. We just can't win, can we?

Joe said...

Just say "NO" to flying. Road trips are their own adventure. Time warps, silence opens, the world becomes more visible...

Kathy Karlsson said...

I believe you should drive and not fly - ever again! With your unfortunate declaration of "Screw you Delta" you have now been placed on the "slapping on the latex gloves, hands on security" check. Teresa is going to be so mad at you!

Chairman Joe said...

Thanks for the advice and admonitions. And Joe, who are you?
See my new blog in which I cave to Delta for the price of a free ticket.