Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Beast With The Least

My solitary road trips go like this: first no radio, only my own thoughts. In desperation I soon turn on public radio, but this also is disturbing and repetitive, and I return to my own thoughts, but not for long. I am now far from home and search the local channels, mostly new loud country, but for every ten stations there is a voice. Now the voice of one speaking for the Lord. Now the morning radio show hosts. How do they fill the long minutes in an hour? Primarily, they leave long pauses between their pronouncements. They repeat themselves often. Next they do a few ads, a few public announcements, and the braver ones allow callers. The rare callers praise the hosts for their righteousness or bring up a point the host agrees with. If anyone is disagreeable, the host has a big knob he dials down to get rid of this pest, with "Sorry, we have to break for a word from our sponsors."


Joe said...

I follow the same pattern, initially: an interval of silence, tune in public radio for some All Things Repeated, more silence, then the iPod for some Click and Clack, Wait...Wait, This American Life, or Radio Lab, but I always try to return to silence as the trip ends.

Local radio?



Chairman Joe said...

Yes local radio is pretty sad, but give insight into the local majority worldview.