Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In The Secret Service of the President: Division of Blame Division

Certain people are blaming the president for the mess we're in. Let's get certain things straight. On Inauguration Day the president was responsible for zero per cent of the mess. He who must not be named was responsible for 90% and Bill Clinton gets credit for 10%, just because. Now, two years on, Bill Clinton continues with 10%, hwmnbn has had his blame reduced to 70% and the president is now responsible for 30%. Thirty per cent of this per cent is due to errors and foibles of his own and 70% is because it's such a terrible mess no one could really be expected to fix it in just two years. These percentages total 110% which takes into account the inaccountability of life: the wicked fluff that keeps us from getting along. With the enemy within the gates, all the president can hope to do is get his share down to 10% by the time he joins Bill and George in the Hall of Blame.


KK said...

I love the HWMNBN! Good one.

Catherine Stenzel said...

It's a good thing you never wanted to be a CPA. You do math like a poet! Still, there is an appealing logic to your numbers. CatherineS