Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day Trips From Home

We live in northwestern Minnesota. Many consider this a remote area, but I don’t feel too out of touch knowing there’s a renowned ballet company just two hours to the north in Winnipeg.
I like this area because we’re just a day’s drive from so many interesting places. Now by a day, I mean 24 hours, and by a drive, I mean an average speed of 50 mph. This affords time to take a short nap, go to the bathroom, and refill gas tank and coffee cup. So in a day I can cover 1,200 miles which will get me to any of the following places: East: Buffalo, NY, South: Graceland, TN, West: a little east of Spokane, WA, and North: Churchill on Hudson Bay, though I’d also need a plane or a train, or a canoe.

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