Friday, December 16, 2011

Operation Treasure Chest

I’m not a survivalist, but sometimes I wonder how I would get along if things went kablooie. I know that when the power goes out here as it does on occasion, I’m unhappy for the hour or two until it comes back on. But say things go really bad and there’s no power and no expectation of power for the next few years. Then what? We’d start going to bed early. In winter we’d move to the basement and build a fire in the old wood furnace. I’d spend a good deal of time sawing wood because I’d run out of chain saw gas. Maybe I should buy a few extra saw blades when I have the chance. They’re going to be expensive when the store is closed. And what about food? I should stock up on oatmeal and buy a book on which weeds are good to eat. There would be open season on deer so I should get some more bullets, but soon the deer will be hunted out.
We’ll have a barter economy for a decade or two. What should I stock up on to trade? Cash won’t be any good. Gold? Not a good option in a gun toting society. What then? How about whiskey? Whiskey keeps forever. Might as well buy the cheap stuff; my customers won’t be trading for taste. I really should go out and buy several cases of Old Hawkalooie right now and bury them in caches out in the woods. Cover the spots with leaves. Keep the inventory locations in my noggin. Don’t ever write anything down. My only worry then will be whiskey sniffing TSA dogs. Better get a copy of Booby Traps for Home and Garden while the gettin’s good.

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