Friday, February 5, 2016

"Let's Go Hunting

   I was sitting in front of the courthouse one afternoon waiting for Teresa. On the cab of the pickup next to me was a decal of a leaping deer. Wreathed round the deer were the words, "Screw the Bitch, Let's Go Hunting." Now many a man has felt this sentiment and even acted upon it, paying the hell that came due, but I had never seen such a bold display of the unspeakable. I was curious to see this desperado, and sure enough, two young men came bounding down the courthouse steps, fresh from some process of marriage dissolution, no doubt.
  What could have gone wrong?
Perhaps he never was that into her;
The wedding just a reason to get drunk,
The fruits of marriage long since reaped.
Perhaps she thought she owned him,
A nut-job in her own right.
The court's behind him now.
He's got his buddy and his gun,
And the woods, his true mate.
She's better off without him.
Hope there were no kids.

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