Wednesday, March 9, 2016

iPhone as Thermometer

I was scared of Siri at first until I realized she’s just a bot.
She’s not going to tell the other Siris the stupid things I ask her.
That kind of set me free.
I use her mostly for setting the timer when I’m cooking.
(Tip: the only way to set seconds is to have Siri do it.)
She’s also good at opening apps and calling people
Though she sometimes mixes contacts up.
I recently started asking her for the temperature.
This was a couple of weeks ago during our last cold snap,
And she would say “Brrr, it’s minus one Fahrenheit.”
But she doesn’t say “brrr”, it’s more like “mrrrrh.”
As the temperature warmed she continued to shiver.
Even at 34 degree she was still at it.
She’s obviously not from Minnesota.
Yesterday it was 43, the warmest temp since last November.
Finally no mrrrrh.
It did not freeze last night for the first time in months.
But at 36 degrees just now, she was still going “mrrrrh.”

I could keep checking the local temperature until I narrow
It down to the exact degree when she either does or does not shiver
As much as a bot ever does shiver, or not.

To speed up the process
I asked her for the temperature in Anchorage.
"It's pretty cold, 34 degrees."
Vladivostok? "Pretty cold, 18 degrees."
South Pole? She wouldn't even tell me,
She just gave me a website with hourly readings.
She can be trying.
By the way, it was -68 degrees there.


Joe said...

It's good to see you discovering new relationships in retirement!

Joe said...

iPhone as cooking timer:

Wannaskawriter said...

You should ask your bot there to change the date on your blog, eh? Unless you are on a different plane there in Wannaska, MN

Chairman Joe said...

I stand by that date, eh